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Better for building.
Better for the environment.

Custom Building Products is committed to environmental responsibility - in our products and manufacturing practices. We're continually searching for ways to reduce the burden on our environment and promote sustainability in everything we do. Natural stone and ceramic tile are known for their durability and long life over other floor covering options.

Custom Building Products designs highly durable products with warranties that reduce the need for frequent replacement and provide the tile installation with a long lifecycle.

Biodegradable Products: Products, like cleaners, in our tile and stone care program are formulated to be biodegradable for natural recycling.

Local Plant Locations: Regional production of Custom Building Products' products reduces transportation and fuel consumption. Eleven manufacturing locations throughout the country means that most tile installation projects are within 500 miles of one of our facilities.

Environmentally Responsible Facilities: We conduct regular environmental assessments of air, water and solid waste emissions at each facility, seeking ways to reduce pollution and operate more cleanly and efficiently. Our review of environmental impact is an important part of our corporate planning.

Reduce Energy consumption and Excess Waste: Custom adheres to tight, self-imposed requirements to minimize waste and pollution at every facility, and all manufacturing and distribution facilities follow stringent energy conservation guidelines. Waste is reduced through source reduction and recycling of scrap materials. Remaining waste is disposed of by safe, environmentally responsible means. Solid airborne particles in Custom's facilities are captured and recycled, so that they don't end up in landfills, and waste is never permitted to enter the waterways.

Custom is a leader in the construction industry, supplying our customers with environmentally-friendly products and peace of mind that they are contributing to a cleaner world.