Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse Gases


It is believed that the main contributor to global warming is the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, with the largest contributor being carbon dioxide (CO2). Many industrial processes emit CO2 into the environment — the most prominent being the manufacturer of Portland Cement. Portland Cement is used in most major construction, including installation of ceramic tile.


The Emerald System is the first installation system to contribute to a long-term solution to the emission of CO2 resulting from Portland Cement production by offering Carbon Offset Credits.

About TerraPass Inc.

Launched in 2004, TerraPass works with developers of greenhouse gas reduction projects to bring to market renewable energy and independently-verified carbon offsets. TerraPass manages a portfolio of over 20 emissions reduction projects across the United States, primarily focused on waste-to-energy. With projects registered under the Climate Action Reserve and the Voluntary Carbon Standard, the company is an award-winning provider of carbon offsets and serves both voluntary and compliance buyers.