Greenhouse Gases

Ceramic Tile Installation and Global Warming

Many Scientists believe that the main contributor to global warming is the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Although there are several gases that are classified as greenhouse gases, the largest contributor is Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

What has caused the increase in CO2 in our Atmosphere?

    • The primary cause is industrialization.
    • 30 billion tons of CO2 is released into our atmosphere every year. Most of this comes from burning fuel for transportation and to produce energy.
    • The production of Portland cement is one of the largest contributors to CO2 in the industrial sector, emitting 600 million tons annually.

How does installing tile or stone release CO2 into the atmosphere?

    • Most of the Portland cement is used to construct buildings and roadways. Traditional thin-set mortars and grouts contain Portland cement.

What is Custom Building Products doing to reduce CO2 emissions?

    • We are looking for alternatives to Portland cement that will not affect the performance or the way you install tile.
    • We are working with our Portland cement suppliers to find alternative manufacturing processes.

What are Carbon Credits and how are they used?

    • In 2005 the Kyoto Protocol was established to reduce greenhouse gases worldwide and has been adopted by many countries throughout the world. Part of the Kyoto Protocol was the establishment of international trading of Carbon Credits.
    • Purchases of these Carbon Credits support the construction and operation of tangible greenhouse gas reduction projects.
      • Establishment of wind energy farms to replace the burning of fossil fuels
      • Construction of facilities to capture methane from landfills and dairy farms and convert to usable energy.
      • Reforestation replaces CO2 absorbing trees that were cut for lumber.